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Author: Bitzeralisis
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: contest, blinded by the light, danmakufu contest
Last updated at: May 13 2013, 08:25 AM
File Size: 3.58 MB
Downloads: 745

Bitz's entry for the MotK Blinded by the Light Danmakufu contest.

My entry is formatted in kind of a "boss rush" style, where each of the S1 bosses sequentially comes in and attacks with a non-spell and spell card. The non-spells are meant to be transitions between the spells, hence becoming a additive-blend remix of the boss' original non-spells. The spell cards are designed to use the properties of additive bullets to their utmost potential.

Easy - For those new to danmaku.
Normal - For the everyday Touhou player.
luNAUTic - A difficulty made for fun.