Author: bagoum
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: bagoum, danmokou, game jam, challenges, scene game
Last updated at: December 11 2020, 07:20 AM

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Gensoukyou is holding its first poetry festival in a long time. Help Kasen defend the festival from evildoers!

This is a small scene-based game like Shoot the Bullet. Each scene has a set of challenges. (For example, "social distance from the boss", "you cannot move left/right")
To unlock boss spellcards, clear the boss introduction.
To unlock the boss conclusion, clear at least one challenge on each of the boss' spellcards.
To unlock the next introduction, clear the previous introduction.

For people with slow computers:
If the game is slow, turn the resolution down in the pause menu and turn shaders OFF in the pause menu.
If you cannot see the danmaku, or all the danmaku are in the center of the screen, turn "Legacy Renderer" to ON in the pause menu.

Please contact me (Bagoum) on Discord for feedback or anything else. I'm on the BHE server. My username is Bagoum#4773 .

This game is built in **Danmokou**, a danmaku (bullet hell) engine in C# for Unity. It is free (as in free speech) software, licensed under MIT. The source code is on Github:

Music by Miles Yalzin.

See the COPYING files in this folder, or in the source code, for licenses on third party assets, and for artist credits on sidebar images.
The menu background is by 紅月カイ on Pixiv (


- Fire: Hold Z
- Focus: Hold Shift
- Move: Arrow keys
- Pause: Esc
- Confirm: Z
- Back/Skip: X

Controller controls (tested with an XBox controller):

- Fire: Hold LT (Axis 9)
- Focus: Hold RT (Axis 10)
- Move: Left joystick (LR/UD axis) or DPad (Axis 6 (X) and 7 (Y))
- You can control movement speed/angle precisely with the left joystick.
- Pause: Start (Button 7)
- Confirm: A (Button 0)
- Back/Skip: B (Button 1)