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Author: bagoum
Category: Single
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: bagoum, range, mokou
Last updated at: February 7 2020, 09:36 AM
File Size: 58.5 MB
Downloads: 196

This is an entry for the Range contest ( It's themed around shapes.

Two important notes:
- There is the word VSYNC in the lower right. This is a "debugging" tool, which works by quickly flashing between red and cyan. If your monitor is working correctly, the word should appear to be GRAY. If your monitor is working incorrectly, you might see red or cyan.
- There are a few spells which will start off by giving you a golden aura. While you have the golden aura, you take no damage.

Cutins are by @jokanhiyou and the BGM is two songs by @ezidiuqil.

There are 10 spells. After the last spell, the music will keep playing but the boss will stop.

Enjoy the mamths!

Fire: Hold Z or press X to toggle
Focus: Hold Shift or press Space to toggle
WASD changes firing direction
Arrow keys to move
Esc to pause (there is an options menu, but it doesn't do anything)
Alt+Enter to switch fullscreen or windowed

This is not DNH, it's a custom engine built in Unity.
This game runs in native 4k. It runs at 60 FPS using VSync for perfect smoothness. Make sure Vsync is running if your FPS goes over 60.

Please contact me on Discord for feedback or anything else. I'm on the Bulletforge server (link in the yellow bar at the top of the page), my username is Bagoum#4773 .

Mokou/Marisa sprites by KMAP
Cutins arts by @jokanhiyou
BGM by @ezidiuqil

See the Licenses folder if you're into that stuff