Author: Badz
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Last updated at: July 11 2018, 10:37 PM

File Size: 103 MB
Downloads: 5312

Sapphire Panlogism is planned to be a full-featured fangame, featuring a cast of original characters in your usual six-stages long adventure, plus Extra mode. This is the trial version.

More info can be found on the MotK thread:,21382.0.html

v0.01b patch:
Drop the contents of the archive into a folder with 0.01a and all relevant files should be replaced.

v0.01b changelog:
-Japanese language added! It can be toggled in the Options menu.
-Loading processes optimized, notably to stop lag spikes when dialogue comes up.
-A bunch of sound effects that were missing in the first release (boss damage and explosion sound, etc.) are now present.
-Considerable damage increase to Hecatia's Earth and Otherworld shots.
-Somewhat minor damage increase for Marisa's shots.
-Difficulty balance adjustments in the first two stages.
-Replaced some hard-to-see dot bullets in stage 2 with more visible types.
-And a variety of minor fixes all over.