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Author: Badz
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: contest, locaa
Last updated at: April 3 2016, 02:37 PM
File Size: 3.64 MB
Downloads: 688

This is my entry for LOCAA contest 7. The goal of this contest was to create a boss battle using a character from a non-bullet hell series.
This script contains a short stage and a battle against Crocodibli, from the game "Mibibli's Quest", with a normal mode and a hard mode. You also have the option of starting directly at the boss battle.

Important note: while I believe I fixed most issues, it is possible for some player scripts to break during the boss battle. If your player of choice gets broken, please notify me via PM. (This script was balanced around Mr. Blue's Reimu player [] and should be playable without issues with it.)

Version 1.1: various changes, mostly reducing the health of patterns that went on for too long.
Version 1.2: removed stage, changed most of the boss patterns to make them more fast-paced and interesting to play.
Version 1.3: changed the third(?) nonspell to make it a bit harder.
Version 2.0: re-added the stage with the enemy placement redone almost entirely. Hopefully it should be playable this time...

-Enemy sprites, music and various other graphics are from Mibibli's Quest by Ryan Melmoth.
-PC-98 shotsheet created by me using graphics from Mystic Square.