Another World's Chaos

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What if ZUN liked fluffy things and robots instead of cute girls? This is your answer.

Done mostly in Touhou style, and heavily inspired by it, but also with a gameplay flavor of my own. Stages are more varied, and the difficulty curve is shallower so the first stages and bosses don't get as boring. All art and music is original.

This version includes 3 full stages with multiple difficulties, plus bonus bosses, unlockables, and a fun tutorial mode. All player characters have completely unique shot types, so multiple playthroughs are more varied.

Note: Spell 19 is practice mode brings up an error message. Every time I fix a bug I end up creating another one, so I left it in so a possibly more lethal bug could be avoided. (Plus it was reported after I already made this upload and didn't want a patch just for a few small things.)

- Optional stuff -
Full soundtrack, properly tagged and looped:
Player characters for use in other Danmakufu scripts:

Note for people with slower internet: look below for a download link with lower-quality music, which is about half the filesize. I recommend getting the high-quality version, but included that just in case.