Author: Luminous
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: eaea, ea, tao, team altitude operators, game jam, gay, pride, lesbian, stage 6, final boss, roman, mythology, sibylla verticordia
Last updated at: May 24 2021, 11:32 PM

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Presented by Team Altitude Operators... (scroll past credits for some game info and disclaimer)

Luminous/LatiasRed/AzuraAzureA/Whatever - Leader (somehow), Player Code, Player Sprites, English title, Danmaku

frogmask - Music, Story, Dialogue, Graphics, Game Logo, Japanese title

Ryann1908/Hiro - Graphics, Character Portraits, Dialogue Code

Roka Enzaki - "Leader", Graphics, Danmaku, System, Package, Miscellaneous

Lushie~ - Danmaku

Zino Lath - Danmaku

Other Credits

Gregory (from DOGSDAY) - Boss Sprite

DeviousPulsar - System, Package, Miscellaneous

DD - Player Sprites

gtbot - Cutin Functions

Terraformer9x - Shotsheet

Naudiz - Some Support

People in Bullet Hell Engines - Support

You - Playing

WARNING! THIS IS A FIRST-RELEASE OF THE GAME AND IT HAS NOT BEEN POLISHED UP. THIS RELEASE WAS PREPARED IN 2 WEEKS SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PRIDE GAME JAM. THERE MAY BE BUGS, BALANCING ISSUES, AND IT MAY LOOK A BIT UGLY. EXPECT UPDATES IN THE FUTURE. Also, don't get decieved. In its current state this is a stage 6-like final boss fight and not exactly a whole fangame per se. We know the game sometimes randomly crashes right before the dialogue, sorry we dont know whats causing that for now. and we know the script doesnt end when you beat the boss. sorry we overlooked that.

Our excuse for the vast majority of things that aren't here or are unpolished will have to be that we didn't have time. Allow us to fix these in a future update that will include additions like sound effects, a stage section, another player team (you wont believe who it is), balancing fixes, bug fixes, and an Extra Stage.

Players: ReiMari, YuYukari

Ecstatic and Expressive Allies is a short, one-stage shoot-em-up that is a Touhou Project derivative work. In it, pick between four difficulties and two teams and battle against a new and original character originating from Roman mythology, with original and vaguely pride-themed danmaku patterns.

"Gensokyo had been overtaken by an uncomfortable peace. In fact, it was less of a peace than it was an absolute silence.
How long has it been since there's been any real excitement? They say that hardly anyone comes into the bookshop anymore...
Those were the rumors stirring in the village. In truth, it seemed that the youkai and gods of Gensokyo had lost any sort of "passion"-- their drive, their joviality, their petty squabbles, and most of all, their interest in humanity. This was a cause for concern.
If youkai and gods simply went without interacting with humans in any capacity, then sooner or later, their very existence would be threatened. And after all, Gensokyo was constructed for their preservation.
And yet, in the midst of this, there were still reports of fairies that maintained constant uproar. Of course, this drew suspicion.
Luckily, there were those who held passions so burning that somehow, they went entirely unaffected. Sensing something wrong, they went into action."

[paragraph redacted for being AWFUL ugh]

[also eaea is dead get over it]