Author: Luminous
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: contest, reimu, marisa, rumia, dnh, exrumia, bha, bhe, bha3
Last updated at: April 1 2021, 12:30 AM

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its me, lumi (Luminous_DNH) (also give me free twitter bobux at @Microintervals)

i desperately needed an excuse to make a first script, so its a good thing that Bullet Hell Engines ( join now or die) hosted their third contest, Bullet Hell Artistry 3. BHA3's theme is similar to that of RaNGE16 - Unexpected Mastermind. For this theme, you will take an earlygame boss/midboss (stages 1, 2, 3) and give them the fight worthy of a final boss. ~~for dnh nostalgia~~ i picked rumia because of her really popular fanon interpretation where taking off her charm gives her access to a new form titled exrumia. i figured this would be the perfect premise for a final boss fight

this boss battle comes with 4 nonspells and 5 spell cards. to any dnh users, you will notice that this uses the nonspell idea and first spellcard of the default exrumia sample mkm packaged with dnh originally. speaking of packaged with dnh, you dont need to extract this script into any specific folder because it already comes with a dnh ph3sx executable.

i hope it feels good.

one known bug with this script is that, for some reason, the script may or may not restart itself randomly at the end. i dont know why this happens, but you can safely close the game. also, if the engine raises an error about "missing instructions", it means your pc is so much of a dinosaur that it doesnt support the ph3sx version i used to make this script. theres nothing that can be done about this, sorry


bullet hell engines: moral support
ryann1908: ryann1908 (when his script releases go play it)
zino lath: spooky ghost (when his/rakaasac's script releases go play it)
arkenia: bucket (when her script releases go play it)

terraformer9x: shotsheet
i dont know where the portraits came from; i lost the artists pixiv link

mkm: original patterns, assets, dnh

BGM: ZUN - Apparitions Stalk The Night
BGM: Gondayu - Microintervals of Dawn (夜明のミクロインターヴァル)