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Author: Awalys
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: contest, battle, doremy, sweet, locaa 8
Last updated at: July 23 2016, 07:06 PM
File Size: 33.4 MB
Downloads: 828

Read the credits please. Keep in mind that replays aren't compatible, so you ought to record it if you want.

How the mechanic works:
You have a spell meter, that can fill up to 1300 points. If you have at least 650 of spell points, you can use your bomb. The meter recharges slowly on its own, but grazing fills it significantly more. Losing a life also adds 250 spell points.

There was also supposed to be a player lifebar mechanic, but it was so buggy and so laggy that I needed to scrap it completely. You can still find the remains of it in the coding.


-1.01c - Substantially improved the STG_Frame and fixed the shotsheet. (ozzy fix your shotsheet >:V)
-1.01b - Changed the spell card font and made it successfully install.
-1.01a - Added a boss marker and fixed some other very minor stuff.
-1.00b - lol i made the dumbest word mix-up and it's fixed now. i wrote "permitted" intead of "prohibited"