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(Made using Touhou Danmakufu ph3sx)
(DON'T place it in your script folder; it comes with its own executable file, so simply extract the ZIP to a safe place and run that.)
---How to Play
-Hold Z to shoot in order to defeat enemies, or to confirm/go forward in menus and dialogue; press X to bomb or cancel out of certain menus, the former of which you can only do so much (the blue marks on the bottom are your bombs; the yellow ones are your lives); hold shift to "focus", slowing your movement (to better dodge patterns), changing your shot, and making your hitbox visible.
-Your goal is to dodge bullets and shoot enemies! Some bullets will be aimed at you, others will be aimed at a static position that never changes, and still others will have a degree of randomness to them. Each and every pattern has a science to it, as well; if you're having trouble with a particular one, feel free to hop into practice mode so you have a free testing enviroment in which you can figure out what's going on! In practice mode, you can also read my personal Author's Comments on every spell; some are helpful tips, some are stupid jokes, some are (un)interesting trivia, and most are...indescribably odd.
-During the stage, moving to the left or the right will tilt the movement gauge to that side; each stage section, or "cell" uses a randomly selected enemy formation (these formations will not be repeated over the course of each run). At the end of each cell, you will move forward and potentially either left or right on the stage map, depending on the position of the movement gauge. Once you reach the end of the map, the color of the cell that you are in determines the boss fight that you will face. Make sure to play all three routes!
-Reimu is a relatively basic shot, but she can shoot behind her while unfocused or with her bomb. She has a smaller hitbox than usual, but is somewhat slow.
-Marisa is the most powerful shot, but she has very little range. She moves the fastest, and her bomb will destroy just about anything above her.
-Sanae hits almost everything that's above her while unfocused, but her focused shot only hits things that are either directly above her, or at a particular angle off to either side. Her bomb will hit basically everything on the entire screen.
-Reisen has a mostly normal forward shot when unfocused, but shoots exclusively at weird angles while focused, so you're going to want to be unfocused if you're actually directly below the enemy; luckily, she's also the slowest, so it's not too difficult to manage. Her bomb does no damage, but it makes you invincible for a very long time.

v1.20f changelog:
-Fixed the brilliant boss' sprite being messed up thanks to Python
-Fixed an issue with the player being unable to shoot during the brilliant boss' final spell
-All stage enemies have slightly less health
-Fixed the BGM name popups of the brilliant and neutral bosses being swapped
-Buffed Reimu, Sanae, and Reisen
-Completely redid Reisen's focused shot and changed her movement speeds
-Fixed an issue with Marisa's bomb despawning if the player went too high up on the screen
-The aimed intro that opens the stage is much shorter
-The stage background is darker, scrolls much more slowly, and slows down once you reach the boss
-The version number is written on the title screen, in the bottom-right corner
v1.20fa changelog:
-The versioning is even more cursed than before
-Fixed an oversight that stopped the opening of the stage from being completely different on Lunatic mode
-Fixed an oversight that made Chang'e's timeout spell act as if it was Easy mode no matter the difficulty