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Comes with its own copy of Danmakufu, so don't put it inside your script folder!

This script was made in a little over a month as part of the Bullet Hell Artistry 3: Unexpected Mastermind 2 contest, which tasked the participants to create a final-boss-tier fight against a Touhou character who originally debuted in one of the first three stages of a six-stage game.

Read the README.txt for more information.

Release announcement:
If you'd like to yell at me on Discord, I'm Arkenia~ ♡#7526

Basic Controls:
Arrowkeys for movement and menu navigation.
Z to confirm or proceed, as well as to shoot (can be held down).
X to cancel, go back, or skip dialogue.
Hold Shift to focus, slowing your movement so you can dodge more precisely, making your hitbox visible, and changing your shot.
Esc(ape) to pause the game.
LCtrl (left control) to speed up the game to be much faster (this only works while watching a replay, not in the actual game)

ZUN, creator of the Touhou Project;
Terraformer9x, creator of the shotsheet;
mkm, creator of the Danmakufu engine;
Natashi, creator of the ph3sx branch of Danmakufu;
Ryann1908, creator of the title screen background and STG frame;
Shijimi Nono, author of the fairy animation library;
Gizmo, author of the boss animation library;, tool used to make the boss aura;, source of the ending screen background;
Special Thanks: Luminous_DNH

Changelog (v1.10a):
+ is an addition, - is a removal, and * is a change

* Replaced all of the character portraits and boss theme with new ones by ElianTempest.
* Reformatted the th_dnh.def and th_coa.dnh files.
- Removed a replay file that I left in the game by accident (when I mess up and have to start over finalizing everything over and over again, I'll eventually miss something; I've deleted that file so many times, but of course I forgot it for the actual release).
- Removed the FileArchiver.exe that I also accidentally left in the game, for the same reason.
* All transitions between menu screens are now significantly faster (half or less the length they were before).
+ Added a transition on the main menu as the manual appears.
* The color of the arrows on page three of the manual are white instead of black, for better visibility.
- Removed some debug code that I accidentally left in the stage enemy script.
* All player grazeboxes have more than doubled in size.
* Fixed a sprite clipping issue on Sanae's options.
* Nerfed Sanae's focused shotgun; her unfocused shotgun remains unchanged, as (mostly) does her focused shot when used at a reasonable distance from your target.
- The game no longer calls certain expensive functions every time you graze something; it originally did this as an attempt to prevent replays from desyncing, but it clearly didn't help.
* Delay lines are now significantly thicker, for better visibility.
+ Added a description for the fourth nonspell, because I completely forgot about it originally, good thing no one noticed because no one ever uses practice mode.
* The third introductory wave of the fourth spell now spawns the lasers as slightly different locations instead of overlapping, for better visibility.
+ The timeout spell now forces you upwards at the very beginning as an incentive for you to stay higher up on the screen, where you're supposed to be; it also plays a sound when the color of the circle around you changes, and the circle itself is far more visible.
* Exactly halved the duration of the cinematic before the final spell.
+ Added a clear bonus to your score at the end of the game.
+ Added rank, which doesn't effect gameplay, but is vaguely like another score that measures your overall performance.
* Updated the credits to acknowledge Ryann1908 as the creator of the game's logo.