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Author: Alufe
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: and a bottle full of rum, alufe, lenĀ“en, suzumi, len'en, aoji
Last updated at: November 2 2020, 05:11 PM
File Size: 183 MB
Downloads: 215

This is the sequel of my game "Corrupted Memory".

It features 2-3 stages and an extra stage.
There are 5 bosses.
A spellpratice-mode is included too.
You can play with four different players, each player has its own playthrough.
You can choose from 3 difficulties.

[Disclaimer] [Disclaimer] [Disclaimer] [Disclaimer] [Disclaimer] [Disclaimer]
Like most of my scripts, there is a key theme, the theme for this script is "Visibility&Visions"
-Most of the attacks use different ways, to distract or trap the player
-If you feel uncomfortable with this, I would recommend you, not to play this game

The players are not over-simplified, but are not frigging complex too
-If you don't like, to learn, how a player needs to be played, rather than pressing a single button,
then you should ignore this game

This whole scenario is just an attempt by me, to answer unanswered questions
-There will be much more text than usual
-So if you don't like my writting or story in general, I think you won't have much fun with my game

In the end it's your choice, give it a shot or not

Due the fact how my spellpractice-mode works and that the timer in dnh3 is hardcoded, there is a bug, that freezes only the timer, after the HP of the boss reaches 0. The attack will still work, everything will be working as intendent, it is just the timer.

Feel free to contact me!
Discord-tag is: Alufe#5397