Author: Akakyu
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: reimu, marisa, stage, extra, full game, komachi, uotar, rain, meiuteki
Last updated at: March 14 2020, 12:31 PM

File Size: 110 MB
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A full Touhou fangame with 6 stages and an Extra stage.
(This trial version currently showcases the first 3 stages.)

There are 3 playable characters, with 2 shot types each:
Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame and Komachi Onozuka (the reaper being available in the full version only).

Please read the in-game manual for details on the story and game mechanics.

This is the 0.01b version (trial).

Issues and Bug fixes:
- Reimu's Rain Event ability no longer consumes a bomb when getting hit during a Rain Event.
- The bomb count now resets correctly after losing your last extra life.
- The shot sheet and the dialogue cutins now load properly.
- Stage 1 should now be spawning fog properly and thus lag much less.
- Spell Practice no longer displays on occasions a 4th Spell Card on stage 1.
- Stage particles have their alpha lowered to be less distracting.
- Rain Events can no longer be activated during the STAGE CLEAR animation.

Gameplay changes:
- The difficulty has been adjusted overall, especially on the Stage 2 boss fight.
- Some tough stage fairies are now faster to take down.
- Player bombs deal more damage overall, except for Reimu A and Marisa B which deal less without shooting.
- Reimu A and Marisa B can shoot during their bombs. Reimu B is faster during hers.
- Reimu A had some of her default shot damage move over to her amulets. Her total damage remains the same.
- Marisa's Rain Event bonus damage has been increased.

Additional functions:
- Language can now be switched between English and Japanese in Option.
(Asked automatically before launching the game with no data.)
- You can now press R during the pause menu for a quick retry.
(Also includes other small shortcuts like pressing the pause button again to resume the game and more.)

Note that 0.01a replays might be obsolete as a result of these changes. Sorry for the inconvenience.


・STAGE CLEAR文字の間に雨事を発動できる問題を修正。

・全体的に難易度を調整。 (特に2面ボス戦)