Everlasting Purity

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ph3 Plural 4346


As a half-joke/half-challenge to myself, I wanted to make a Junko boss battle that consisted entirely of ring-based patterns. And what do you know, I actually had a lot of ideas for that... So rather than a traditional format, I opted for a gauntlet-style script where most of the attacks are relatively short. You'll receive a "grade" at the end of the script based on how many hits you take. About every 10 deaths, you'll go down a grade.

You have the ability to skip any attack besides the first and last ones (just to ensure you can't break the script~) by pressing the "C" key at any time during the attack, but doing so will nullify the grade you get at the end. I included this because the gauntlet's actually pretty long, so this will give you a chance to practice specific attacks, especially the later ones.

There's also a short "Bonus Content" script with the usual memes and silliness, so have fun with that~

Oh yeah, and replays actually work with this script! Yay!

12/23/2017 -- Patch 1.05:

*Removed final attack from the main script and put it into a separate script file as bonus content
*Removed survival attacks from the main script and put them into a separate script file as bonus content
*Slightly toned down the difficulty of some attacks on Lunatic difficulty
*The final grading screen now also displays the difficulty you were playing on (for better bragging rights :P)