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Author: AJS
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: yukari yakumo, tenshi hinanawi
Last updated at: March 1 2015, 12:37 PM
File Size: 14.3 MB
Downloads: 2568

My first ph3 script, made for LOCAA Contest 5. The goal was to make a boss battle in which two or more characters were duking it out, and completely ignoring the player. Thus, I made my battle inspired by the Touhou fangame Mystical Chain--with both parties taking turns in being the "aggressor" and the "defender", and then having them both all-out attack each other for the finale.

There are only three spell cards, but four difficulty settings. This script was made in and for ph3 version 0.1 pre3, so make sure you download that before playing this.

Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: (Version 1.1)
-Background music now replaced with the full version of the song instead of just the same minute and a half looped over and over (Check "Credits.txt" for the Youtube link)
-Fixed a glitch where "Concentration" effect graphics would sometimes linger between spells
-Transition from the opening "cutscene" to the first spell card is smoother
-Changed the bubble bullets in the first spell card from ALPHA to ADD rendering (I can't believe I didn't do this sooner)
-Yukari now deletes some of the bullets near her when beginning her attack phase in the second spell card
-Tenshi's and Yukari's movements between the end of the second spell and beginning of the third spell are now less awkward
-Decreased the laser count slightly for the Lunatic mode version of the third spell card
-Fixed an issue with the hitboxes for the trains in the third spell card

EDIT: (Version 1.2)
-Optimized sound effects for ph3 version 0.1 pre6a
-Fixed issue with HUD still being visible after the game goes fullscreen in some instances

EDIT: (Version 1.21)
-Optimized sound effects for real this time. I accidentally left one sound effect's volume unchanged, leading to horribly loud bullet shooting.