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Author: AJS
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: yukari yakumo, tenshi hinanawi, locaa 11, antinomy of common flowers
Last updated at: February 20 2018, 01:27 AM
File Size: 32.1 MB
Downloads: 1221

This is my entry for the LoCAA 11 contest! This time the theme was to make a boss fight in the style of the battles from Antinomy of Common Flowers. That being, the bosses "tag out" in the middle of attacks. It was a fun opportunity to make attacks/gimmicks that "synergized" with each other.

The contest theme actually reminded me of my old Tenshi vs Yukari script, "Celestial Showdown", so I figured why not bring them back?~ Of course their involvement in AoCF itself gave me some inspiration for new ideas, so coming up with spell cards wasn't too difficult.

There are only 4 patterns in all, and you have infinite lives as always. For all you tryhards (like me) out there, you'll be graded at the end. 0 hits gets you an S rank, 1-4 gets you an A rank, 5-8 a B rank, and so on.