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Author: AJS
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: eirin yagokoro
Last updated at: July 24 2020, 04:58 PM
File Size: 23.4 MB
Downloads: 2360

My first real "serious" script in quite some time! I hope you enjoy!

Spellcard cutin portrait drawn by my good friend Robotic Overlord (

-3 nonspells, 4 spells
-Unlimited lives. Life counter counts your deaths instead
-Four difficulties

Please let me know if you find any bugs. Thanks.

Version 1.01
-Changed giant star bullets in 2nd spell to divine spirit orbs
-Fixed oversight that caused one of the giant stars in the 2nd spell to be a different bullet type
-Lowered the brightness of 3rd spell's background so it doesn't blend so much with the bullets
Version 1.10
-First spell tweaked
*Bullets start at a slower speed after splitting
-Second nonspell tweaked
*Reduced bullet curvature and firing rate
-Second spell tweaked
*Reduced offscreen spawning of star bullets to prevent nasty cheapshots
-Third spell reworked
*Changed the pattern Eirin fires while the "universe" is expanding/contracting
*Changed the pattern Eirin fires after the "universe" crunches
*Darkened background (even more!) for improved visibility
-Final spell reworked
*Corners are no longer safe -- Pluto fires a slow, dense wave of bullets outward that walls off the bottom edges of the screen
*Each individual planet has reworked and less overwhelming danmaku patterns
*The bubble bullets fired by the Sun during the last 10 seconds are now static instead of aimed
*Toned down visual effects when planets spawn in for improved visibility
*Changed bullet graphics for improved visibility
*Darkened background for improved visibility