Author: LunarHazuki
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: or something, year, happy, lunar, muse, seihou, new, touhou
Last updated at: January 2 2017, 09:04 AM
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-------------UPDATE VER 2.0----------------------------

Familiars have been changed to reduce lag for homing type players and oversights has been fixed


Happy New Year y'all , I just made this on a whim.
It has 1 difficulty , and it is suppose to be challenging , unless you 1cc LoLK legacy NMNB, this may provide a bit of a challenge for you. and also for me , I suck at playing my own scripts. anyways have fun

if you find any bugs.....tell me or something....i swear i hope there aren't any

Use any player you want, but I packaged Talos' MoF_Reimu just like before

And a heads up for people who doubt their PC if they can run this or not
You should NOT use homing shots for whenever there are familiars on screen,
Talos' MoF Reimu is able to switch between 3 shot types changing to a forward shottype is recommended whenever there are familiars on screen, this is a player problem detecting the familiars and extremely lagging your game fue to how many shots there are on screen

And YES my iLS_Reimu still utterly breaks this script, use MoF_Reimu instead

Muse is from Seihou
Touhou is made by ZUN

Music is from Phantasmagoria Trues (look it up , i dunno their titles)