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Danmakufu Version: ph3
Last updated at: June 23 2018, 07:54 PM
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This is trial version.

Please see MoTK thread for more info:,21497.0.html

Version 0.01b Changelog
- Title theme loop points fixed.

- Reimu A unfocused damage has been nerfed. Her focused damage and hitbox have been buffed.
- Reimu B unfocused orb travel speed and damage have been buffed. Her focused damage has been buffed.
- Reimu can't shoot when bombing anymore (bomb damage buffed to compensate).
- Reimu's deathbomb glitch has been fixed.

Elemental Burst:
- Water Burst nerfs: getting hit doesn't give PiV, duration decreased to 10s, gauge now resets to half of the remaining time.
- Fire Burst buffs: Now has 5 familiars and deals more damage.
- Wood Burst buffs: Now grazing during the burst gives some PiV.

- Stage 1's Death Fairy's safespot has been fixed
- Aimi's last spell now has some laser delay before the branches spawn.
- Aiguillon's boss fight now starts with a text warning for poison.
- Poison cubes now render behind bullets.