Author: Gore
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou llc thfff tenkarou
Last updated at: April 10 2016, 02:07 PM
File Size: 81.4 MB
Downloads: 2666

 This game is the "Touhou Project" of the fan-made game

 I do not have a Team Shanghai Alice and involvement
 Please do not absolutely inquiry

 There are two modes with different rules for this game
  Paradise mode: This is the rule that we earn by utilizing the juice
  Legacy mode: This is the rule of the street until now. (You will not be able to use the juice attack)

  So I wish you good luck.
 Fine rules are generally the same kind of feeling and (DDC + LLC + TD)/3.

 Since this package is a trial version, it may be changed without a notice specification

■Patch Note

2016/04/10 ver 0.01b Bug Fix Version
- Fixed afterimage of juice attack was out in strange position
- In game over screen, Fixed a bug that remaining lives is greater than or equal to zero
- Modified the infinite item collection bug in the juice attack
- In some of the performance settings, fixes a bug that enemy object is hidden
- Modified the replay desync problem
- Modified because there was a typographical error
- Changed the effect object program

- Changed difficulty of the part of the boss barrage
- Changed the performance of some of its own equipment
- Changed the performance of the part of the juice attack
- Changed File Directory

2016/04/01 ver 0.01a Trial Version